CCTV Nottingham

CCTV NottinghamWant to see who is at your door, keep a watch out on your car or simply use it as a deterrent? We install many kinds of CCTV in Nottingham for a variety of customers.

Popular installation for home owners is to see who is at the door without opening it, the image is viewed from your own Television in most cases at the flick of a channel from the TV remote.

Additional purposes are to keep watch over your car on the drive or shed/garage at the end of the garden. Images can be stored onto a recorder without need for CDs and Video's for extra assurance.

Dummy camera's can also be installed giving the impression CCTV is watching your property giving a good deterrent to unwanted visitors.

Also can install door speaker systems where you can talk (and see depending on system) to your door visitor via a phone handset before opening or letting them in.

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